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Trans: Shoeflower Nose Man

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Monday, October 22, 2001, 12:27
From: "Christophe Grandsire" <christophe.grandsire@...>
>If you can translate a sentence such as: "if I see the man who walked on my >flowers, I'm gonna make him eat his dirty shoes through his nose!" :))
>grammatical difficulties (I'm not talking about a lack of vocabulary), I'd
>your language is pretty complete.
Hmm. Dunamy: "Syút sai aum ara kau, ä pivaug uffa mau flävsa, mihgi aufpi ar'ím piari tar' ara syós vif év nus!" /Sut "s@.i Am "@.4@ kA & pi"vAg "U.f@ mA "fl&v.s@ " "Af.pi @."4im pi."@.4i "t@.4w@.4a Sos vIf ev nUs/ If see 1SG.PRES NC man, that walk.INV over my flower.PL.PAST, Syút sa.i au.m ara kau, ä pi.vaug uffa mau fläv.s.a make 1SG.FUT NC-him IMP-eat dirty NC shoe.PL using 3s-POSS nose mihg.i aufp.i ar'ím tara ara syo.s vif év nus The kind of person who'd say that would probably say [s@] for <sai> and ["mI.J\j\i] for <mihgi> though. The palatalization and the dropping of verbal -i after vowels is a feature of the speech of people who .. (I don't know how quite to explain it) ... hmm, say, galoots and children. There's two other things I'm considering. One is, whether prepositions should become postpositions. (Either one feels possible...) The other is a spelling change... to make it more Germanic, somewhat, changing the rule for how a lax or tense vowel (E/e I/i U/u.. not sure if an O/o opposition exists yet, or even if there's really O at all...) is unmarked with 1 and 0 syllable-final consonants following rspctvly to two or zero and one, morpheme-finally. Then it'd be spelled: "Syut saih aum ara kau, ä pivaug uffa mau flävsa miggih aufpih ar'im piarih tar' ara syos viff ev nuss!" (or maybe [i] could be <y> instead of <ih> for space-saving in situations like this...) "Syut say aum ara kau, ä pivaug uffa mau flävsa miggy aufpy ar'im piary tar' ara syos viff ev nuss!" (But I don't like that, because <y> is normally [j\] and [Z]. Hmm. Well, ambiguity doesn't seem to be that bad...) *Muke!


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