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Anyone recognize this?

From:Steve Kramer <scooter@...>
Date:Monday, October 22, 2001, 3:05
I just received the following as a .sig quote in an email from a Spaniard.
The text suffered from Unicode-to-ASCII replacement, but I filled in the
only diacritic that didn't survive the transition ("o\" for a grave
accented "o").  Here it is:

"On vas amms les banderes i avions i tot el cercle de canons que apuntes
al meu poble .on vas amb la vergonya per galo\, i en el fusell duus la
por.on vas qua ja l'infant no vol jugar perque el carrer vessa de sang i
ets tu qui l'omples." - Llius Llach

I know enough French to recognize some of this, and then my brain begins
to hurt.  My best guess is that this is Catalan; I believe I've also seen
the name Llius Llach before in relation to Catalonia, but I cannot place
it.  (I first said Languedoc, but I don't think that correct.)  Could
someone fill me in on the pronunciation of the mid-word periods, as in

While I'm asking questions...Simafira is tending right now towards an
essentially caseless VOS word order.  I've noticed that not a lot of
natlangs have that order - someone mentioned Malagasy at one point.  Is
there a linguistic or cultural reason why this order never "took off"?

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