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OT More pens (was Re: Phoneme winnowing continues)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Monday, June 9, 2003, 2:50
Christophe wrote:
> I've been reading this thread with wonder: do you really mean that
> pens are uncommon in America?!!!!!
I think that is indeed what he means. AFAIK, they're enjoying a sort-of come-back, but as status symbols (hence the expensive Mont Blancs et al.). Having been away from the elementary school scene for a very long time, I don't know anymore how,or even if, handwriting is taught. The evidence suggests that, like spelling, it isn't.(In fairness, despite weekly drills, neither my classmates nor I ended up with very legible handwriting either.) (And I'm always amused at the irony of the Natl. Spelling Bee champions being, usually, of non-native origin-- I'll suppose they can write legibly too :-)))).
>All fountain pens we usually have are empty, and you put > small plastic ink reserves in them to use them.
Those used to be available here, but obviously didn't catch on. From the manufacturers' POV, of course, the problem is that refillable items LAST TOO LONG. It's even very difficult to find cartidge refills for older ball-points...But good heavens, where would Modern Industry be, if we could buy a fountain pen, or a car, or whatever...-- and it lasted 10, 20 yrs, or (gasp) a lifetime??? It's all ball-points, or felt-tips, of one sort of another, and out they go when they run dry. ObConculture: As nearly as I can tell, the Kash have only 1, maybe 2, brands of car, toothbrushes, toothpaste etc. They do, however, use electric blowers to dry the fur after bathing (an early Gwr invention).


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