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Re: New cyriliic orthography for WT6b

From:Paul Bennett <paulnkathy@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 20:48
On 19 Jan 00, at 14:38, Steg Belsky wrote:

> On Wed, 19 Jan 2000 00:26:07 -0500 Paul Bennett > <paulnkathy@...> writes: > > > Dh dh D 0417+ 0437+ > > Th th T 0421+ 0441+ > > > Any comments on either the romanisation or the 'cyrillisation'? > > When i was trying to come up with a cyrillicization for Rokbeigalmki it > was suggested that i do the following to represent /D/ and /T/: > > /D/ ~ unicode 0402 (big) 0452 (small) > /T/ ~ unicode 040B (big) 045B (small) > >
They look kinda good, but are not very consistent with any existing cyrillic usage that I'm aware of. At least there's a precedent for ze and es being used for edh and thorn, in Turkmen. OTOH, I suppose I haven't relied *very* strongly on precedent for some of my other letters <G>, so I'll take them into account, and let them percolate thru my brain for a few hours, and see what happens. Thanks for the idea, Paul