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Re: Narbonósc. Part VIII

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 3, 2001, 3:48
>Well, I think that's enough for the verbs for today. I congratulate >everyone who >dared to read all this. Now let's see a little about the prepositions and >conjunctions.
Does Narbonósc have a polite pronoun, like Spanish usted/es? Montreiano went with vòstré /vOstre/, vòstrés /vOstres/: vòstra mercé > vòstré I also like that nos and vos are the same as in Montreiano as well. Your verb conjugations are interesting, and very nice.
> >ant /a~/: - before (literary style), > - in front of (literary style).
Nice! This is the same as in Montreiano, except it isnt paired with de (except the pronunciation is different; /ant/) Narbonósc is turning out very nicely Christophe. I like the similarities (even if often minor) between mine and yours. ____________________________ Aunque vengas de rodillas y me implores y me pidas aunque vengas y me llores que te absuelva y te perdone Aunque a mi me causes pena he tirado tus cadenas