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Re: Another Russian Question

From:Pavel Iosad <pavel_iosad@...>
Date:Sunday, September 16, 2001, 11:11
> There are several ways to say "my name is:" Menya zovut > [meenYAH zaVOOT] > (literally me they_call) is one.
> Another is Ya nazyvayus [yah > nazyVAIyoos] > litterally I call_myself)
Er, this is fairly grammatical, but ABSOLUTELY incorrect. No one says things like that. Haven't you mangled it with Polish (Nazywam sie,...)?
> I have also heard Moyo imye - Peter [mahYOH > EEMyah - Peter] (litterally my name Peter - Russian lacks a copula)
> One to ten is: > > odin [uhDYEEN] > dva [dvah] > tri [tree] > chetyre [cheTEEre[ > pyat' [pyatch - the "t" is palatalized, so it is not truly > "ch," but more > the "t" in "I'll let you - letya."] > shest' [shestch - that same "t" again] > syem' [syem'] > vosyem [vosyem] > dyevyat' [DYEvyatch - that "t" again] > dyesyat' [DYEsyatch]
11 - odinnadtsat' 12- dvenadtsat' 13 - trinadtsat' 14 - chetyrnadtsat' etc.. 20 - dvadtsat' etc.
> Russian is a great language
> "Svoystvo palacha nahoditsya pochti v kazdom sovremennom > cheloveke" - F. M.
Is that from the "Prestupleniye and Nakazaniye?" - shame on me, but all those Dostoyevsky novels are mammoth, hey, I can't remember about every quote... Poka, Pavel ---------------------------------------------------------------- When you grasp the essence, you forget the words -Zhuang-zi He was jeopardizing his traditional rights of freedom and independence by daring to exercise them -Joseph Heller Pavel Iosad Student at: Lyceum 1535, 52 Usacheva str., Moscow, Russia Home: apt.113, 110 prospect Mira, Moscow, 129626 Russia E-mail: ----------------------------------------------------------------


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