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CHAT: Best/Worst/Missing Scenes in LotR

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Friday, December 21, 2001, 22:59
*** Spoiler Alert ***

Phew!  =P

I've just seen the movie, and I'm pretty much blown away, as I expected
from all the good that the critics said.  However, I was a bit
disappointed at the quick pace; many chapters in the book were
compressed into a fleeting scene or two, which gave it a certain
superficial feel -- but that's to be expected due to the limited
duration of the film, I'm not making any accusations.

Especially Lothlórien was cut much too short for my taste -- they didn't
even mention Gimli's change of mind towards Galadriel, and the elven
cloaks etc...  there was no feeling of recreation and rest as in the
book, only a run-in in the woods, a glance into Caras Galadhon, the
(wonderfully enacted) mirror scene, and off they were again.

Another thing I missed was the forging of Andúril -- shouldn't it have
happened in Rivendell?  We saw the sword in its broken state, but no
mention that it had been repaired, and that Aragorn now wielded it.
Though I must say that the exposition of the Ring's history, where the
mace-wielding Sauron was defeated with the broken Andúril, was awesome.

As for hey dol! merry dol! Tom Bombadillo, I can't say I missed him.
We have Harry Potter for that kind of audience.  ;-)

The fact that Glorfindel was replaced by Arwen doesn't bother me the
least bit either -- Liv makes a worthy appearance indeed as the most
beautiful of elves.  Mmmm, those lips...  (=D

My favorite scene was the attempted crossing of Caradhras, with Saruman
chanting his spells in a utterly cool operatic voice from the uppermost
platform of Orthanc amongs the raging stormclouds.  I can't wait to rip
that scene off someone's DVD.  ;-)

I'd like to hear other opinions on scenes that were missed, hated or
loved...  anyone?

-- Christian Thalmann


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