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Eärendil, Isengard etc...

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Friday, December 21, 2001, 22:41
Here are my (first?) few questions to the LotR movie:

- Eärendil was pronounced /erendil/ -- is that the correct
pronunciation, or was it some sort of colloquial slang, or simply a
mispronunciation from Kate's side?  I'm pretty sure Tolkien intended the
word to sound /earendil/, which is why he used the diaeresis in the
first place.

- Isengard was pronounced /aIzn=gard/, which I always read as
/isn=gard/(though I do consider /aIzn=gard/ much more aesthetically
pleasing).  That pronunciation would make sense if the name were in one
of the languages that Tolkien represents as English, e.g. Westron or
Common Speech... I guess it is, though the book doesn't tell us
explicitly IIRC.

- I'm pretty much in Love with elven languages now, and I've also had a
longer look at the Ardalambion.  My question here:  Is the Ardalambion
text about Sindarin the full range of information available, or are
there any books that have more extensive and comprehensive word lists
etc?  Any special book you can recommend about Ardalangs (One book to
rule them all? ;-)

-- Christian Thalmann


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