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Romance WE

From:Adam Walker <carrajena@...>
Date:Thursday, January 1, 2004, 18:25
I've decided I'm not completely satisfied with the C-a
words for we.  Currently they are

nos (m.)
nosa (f.)

I've been looking at my dictionaries and not that many
of them don't list feminine forms for this word.  Is
this an omission (because of regular derivation) or is
Spanish just odd?  Anywho, I have:

Lt. nos
It. noi
Sc. nui, nuautri
Sp. nosotros/ -as
Pt. nós
Gl. nós
Ct. nosaltres
Fr. nous
Rm. noi

I'm currently leaning toward C-a forms nozu/-a.  What
think ye?


Fached il prori ul pañeveju mutu chu djul atexindu.
-- Carrajena proverb