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Re: Numerical suffixes - How to use them

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Saturday, November 27, 2004, 16:59

Teoh wrote:
> Cool system. Now I can talk about my collection of Rubik's cube-like > puzzles with cool names like sidilar cubes, the sidite tetrahedron, > the sidant Skewb Diamond, the sidalium Megaminx, and that sidalant > beauty that I shall soon receive in the mail. :-P > > Won't it be cool if a conlang used these compounding suffixes for its > plural nouns and no separate number words?
Definitely! :-) Andrew wrote:
> I'm glad you like it, it's been forming in my mind for a while, but somehow > the suffixes I came up with didn't quite sound right. I know it's not > strictly speaking a conlang as is, but certainly the idea of numerical > suffixes is applicable to a conlang, and I'd be interested to see what you > come up with, Teoh. I guess the suffixes as they are would fit best with an > English-sounding conlang, but different suffixes might sound better with > other systems.
I once had in mind implementing a suffix number system in my earliest conlang, Fukhian. However, I did not do it there, although it was agglutinating, so affix numbers would fit into that system. Tyl-Sjok was isolating, so I did not find it feasible there, either. However, the Tyl-Sjok number system I came up with is currently my ideal breakdown of numbers, so I decided that the basic system will go into Qthen|gai, too. And because Qthen|gai is polysynthetic, it is the perfect place for a suffix system, I thought. These plans are there for quite a while now, so maybe the current thread is a good opportunity for me to complete the Qthen|gai number system. As soon as it's ready, I'll announce it. :-) (An interim conlang project, S4, was also going to have suffixed numbers, but the project is currently frozen.)
> As for me, I'm thinking of doing a con-chemistry project.
Interesting! Only Fukhian had some few names for elements and chemical classes (and they are logically wrong. Which is ok, of course, since it's a language... :-)). Oh, Qthen|gai has 'sulfur', but that's currently all.
> Turkish numbers sound good here: Z = 1 = hydrogen = birium, Z = 2 = helium > = ucium /oochium/, Z = 3 = lithium = ikium, etc. I'll post it when I think > of something.
Hmm, isn't 2=iki and 3=üç? **Henrik