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CHAT translating the Paternoster (was: Liturgical thou/thee etc. (was:Thorn vs Eth))

From:Matthew Kehrt <matrix14@...>
Date:Monday, July 15, 2002, 1:07
Isn't this sort of thing normally translated as "let", as in "let your
Kingdom Come."?  I remember having a discussion a while back on the
phrase "Fiat Lux.", "Let there be light.".

Ray Brown wrote:
> > >>> May your Kingdom come > >>> May your will be done > >> > >> Too stilted for me. > > Yes, the repetitions of 'may' are infelicitous. > > >> May your name be called holy, > >> Your Kingdom come, > >> (And) your will be done > >> > >> Is better, IMHO > > > > yes, good. > > Yes, but 'may' still seems to me to imply 'wish' which is rather more > remote > than the imperatives of the Greek. We seem to have lost in our language > the > differences between what Greek could distinguish with optative, subjunctive > and imperative. I suppose this is the best we can do in modern English.


Ray Brown <ray.brown@...>