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Re: Different words for one thing

From:Ed Heil <edheil@...>
Date:Sunday, October 17, 1999, 1:51
Sounds like the same as the "cow/beef" "pig/pork" distinction in

On the flowing water topic, I vaguely remember hearing that it has
been theorized that Proto-Indo-European used the same word for
"living" and for "flowing water," the one being a metaphor for the
other, though I'm not sure in which direction, and that this lay
behind the etymology of the Greek word "hygieia," "health."

Ed doesn't know everything, but he hasn't figured that out yet.
Please break it to him gently.    

FFlores wrote:

> I just created some cool words in Wamen, my new > conlang, that I'd like to share, since they show something > that called my attention after the mandatory possession > thread and related stuff. >=20 > The words in question are two pairs, meaning 'water' > and 'fish'. >=20 > u [u] 'drinkable or flowing water' > huti ['PutSi] 'undrinkable water, unmoving dirty water' >=20 > joki ['joki] 'a fish (alive and/or swimming)' > fury ['furi-] 'a fish (dead and/or served as food)' >=20 > The issue is: different names for the same thing when > it's not quite the same. Do any of your conlangs or natlangs > do this? As for Spanish, we have _pez_ and _pescado_ for > the types of 'fish' above, but there's a common root there; > _pescado_, being a noun, is the same as the passive participle > of _pescar_ 'to fish'. >=20 > As for Drasel=E9q, I have _fang_ 'right hand' and _dhung_ 'left hand', > but the same word for both feet, eyes, etc., more or less the way > that Spanish uses _dedo_ for both 'finger' and 'toe'. >=20 > So, do you have any examples? How do you handle general statements? >=20 >=20 > --Pablo Flores > >=20