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Re: Voice, Mood, and Tense

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 23, 1999, 21:30 writes:
> >I'm pretty familiar with the way IE langs handle these things, but I'm >clueless as to how they're handled in more diverse languages (I'm sure >there's lots of interesting stuff out there...) > >Hoping this sparks interesting discussion, >-jk
well i do know from Tagalog (and my conlang) that tense isnt even inherent in the verb. Verbs are conjugated according to aspect (as my Tagalog teacher said it: completed, continuing, contemplated). Tense is indicated by "adverbs of time" (tomorrow, today, soon, now, later, etc.). Voice is a little more tricky and even i dont understand it fully in Tagalog (certain focuses would be tranlated in either passive or active, but its been a while). Kristian probably knows WAY more about Tagalogs mood, and voice.