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Trans: 'I love you'

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 17, 2001, 23:05
"daniel andreasson" <daniel.andreasson@...> scrubbed:
> > If I may make a suggestion, make that sentence "I love you". For > > some reason it seems to be among very the first people learn in a > > new lang ... > > > > Tairezazh: "Ta tshei shas" > > *** Seimi: > > "Reichisan du."
very tentative Hadwan: "[Ish] lóbô tsî." (where pro-dropping is optional; also <sh> should be s-acute, <ts> 'c' with a dot above, and the circumflexes macrons... obviously not in email, but in Idealist's typography) [ish] lóbô tsî [IS] 'lU.Bu: tsi: [1P-SG-NOM] love-IND.ACT-1S 2P-SG-ACC [Tentative, because I still haven't technically worked out the pronouns. <lobits>, however, would be a certain verb (from a sure Proto-H root *ljuB- 'love, care, show concern for') but it hasn't made its way in my run-through yet...] *Muke! --


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