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Re: constructed romance languages

From:John Fisher <john@...>
Date:Saturday, January 23, 1999, 17:41
In message <36A96A89.13E4@...>, vardi <vardi@...>
>I >know that in Italy poems were written in alternating lines of Hebrew and >Italian, and I have a book with similar examples from Greece.
The other songs are written in quatrains, the last line of which is a Biblical quote in Hebrew. The songs are in two pairs, one of each pair addressed to the bride and the other to the bridegroom. Each song starts with a refrain in Hebrew, which was apparently to be sung after each quatrain by the guests at the wedding. One pair was written by "the learned Rabbi Natan, of blessed memory", and the other by "Master Bonafos". Riera says it's tempting to imagine that Rabbi Natan could be the poet Mosse' Nac,an of Tarragona who died in 1361, of whom two poems in Hebrew survive. -- John Fisher Elet Anta website: Drummond ro cleshfan merec; fanye litoc, inye litoc