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Re: OT: really long post filling in the ?'s (was and still sorta is Re: Semi-OT: More on charsets)

From:Aquamarine Demon <aquamarine_demon@...>
Date:Monday, February 4, 2002, 4:26
>> ( ... )
_______ (presently unnamed language by "The Aquamarine Demon") monka`ti` kosipi eyoh <snip> ...nicole<< Yeah, I've made a couple changes since then, only one of which affects this, though.... tímonká kosipi eyoh... Just in case anyone can't see the two special characters (and there will probably be a few of you!) the first (right after the "t") is an acute "i", and the second is an acute "a" (I think that's the right term for them...) . BTW, my conlang is stilll unnamed... and I have nooo idea how to name it, either. It isn't for a conculture, if that helps any... does anyone have a suggestion? Also btw, sorry for getting into older messages; I haven't been on recently.... The Aquamarine Demon "All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry." -Edgar Allan Poe "It ain't the parts of the Bible that I can't understand that bother me, it is the parts that I do understand." -Mark Twain --------------------------------- Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! Auctions Great stuff seeking new owners! Bid now!