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Re: Terkunan > Trekunan?

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 6, 2008, 22:29

Henrik Theiling writes:
> I will have to run a few tests to decide about -l-, I think. >...
Some interesting results from the first tests include: VL > Terkunan hortum rot gardinum gradin arborem rabul felicem frik aliqu'unum rakun volcanum brokan (open syllable now, thus not *brukan) Sardiniam Stradeni Germaniam Gremani Tarraconensem Trakonis (language name if shifted regularly) The syncope is very early, so I don't think I can easily move the -r- metathesis before it. Stradeni es prat de Tali. Sardinia is (a) part of Italy. N' kiotat Trakonis n' Lustani es pralat le Terkunan. In the city Tarragona in Lustany, Terkunan is spoken. (If I keep the language name but regularise the name of the town.) Ne' Mperi Roman fu pralat le Latin Vulgar. In the Roman Empire, Vulgar Latin was spoken. (Or 'Latin Brugal'? Would require l>r in more contexts. Hmm...) Conlanging is fun. :-) **Henrik


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