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Re: Terkunan > Trekunan?

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 6, 2008, 20:04

Benct Philip Jonsson writes:
>... > I say go for it!
Ok. :-)
>... >> 'serve > ?se'reve 'to serve' > > I say what's wrong with non-stop + r? Especially in a lang > which has many other freak initial clusters. You might > insert stops or turn v > b to get more conformant clusters: > _mbrekat, brukan, screve/streve_. FERVERE could certainly > become _freve_ as _fr_ would occur otherwise anyway.
'brukan' is especially cool, I think, and 'mbrekat' and 'streve' fit phonology perfectly. Very good ideas!
>> In these cases, we might need another resolving strategy >> (e.g., drop of 'r' or 'v' in the above case). I do not >> want to introduce (unstressed) schwas. > > What about having rC > Cr in such cases: _mekrat, vukran, > sevre/sebre_. This might even be the preferred strategy, or > CVRC > CrVC *or* > CVCR in cases where both are possible.
I had though of the rC > Cr shift, but did not like it much, especially since Sardinian tends to shift the r to the front across syllables (CVCr > CrVC), and I tend to like the result like 'kraBa' < CAPRA. (I thinks there are cases where 'r' crosses two syllables in Sardinian, but I can't come up with an example. Would have to search word lists (printed in a book, not on hard disk for easy processing).)
>... > No no, _protu, prale, Krale, etrenitat_ are *way* too cool.
I think so, too. :-)
> BTW wouldn't _protu, prale, Krale_ lose their final vowels?
It would be 'protu' ('u' is kept due to my u-declension fetish) but the others would drop the final vowel, yes: 'pral' and 'Kral'.
>> This is a bit like Modern Dutch's 'kerruk' for 'kerk' and >> 'melluk' for 'melk' and 'errug' for 'erg' > > So pedestrian (and happening in young females' Swedish ATM: > _ett, tuvå, turé; kulara, starruka färrejer_). This kind > of drawl isn't half as appealing as metathesis, IMHO. > T*kunan has a 'snappiness' which you shouldn't give up.
Hehe, yes. :-) I would probably keep it 'Terkunan', though. The language name is an import anyway (like 'Español' is, too).
>> (only a schwa is inserted here, and the l is involved >> too, which might also be thinkable in Terkunan). Words >> with lC in Terkunan include: >> >> kalde 'warm' Alman 'German' > > Why not _krad(e), Laman/Amlan_?
I will have to run a few tests to decide about -l-, I think.
> Or that the metathesis precedes syncope in *TERRACONA.
Ok, I'll also run tests here and see what the result will be. Thanks for all your input! :-) **Henrik


Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>