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RV: Translations [Conlang T Shirt]

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 3, 1999, 23:54
Well, people, I asked Helge K. Fauskanger himself (the author
of most of the Ardalambion site*) for a good Quenya translation
of our sentence, and he said:

[this is me suggesting:]
> >=20 > > Nai lambelya y=E9va sinome > > 'May your language be here' >=20 > Not bad. The problem is that _y=E9va_ may be obsolete (when Tolkien use=
d that
> form, he also used _ye_ for "is", but in sources both earlier and later=
> uses _n=E1_ would seem that _ye_ was just a passing experi=
> I have sometimes used _y=E9va_ all the same, since it is at least genui=
> Tolkien and it is uncertain what the future tense of _n=E1_ would be > (_nauva_? _n=E1va_?)
> However, it *may* be appropriate to use a form of _ea_ rather than _n=E1=
> here. _Ea_, though sometimes translated "is", really means "exists" and=
> refer to *position*. One text refers to Eru (God) as the one who _ea or > ilye mahalmar tennoio_ =3D "is above all thrones forever": Eru EXISTS i=
n this
> position. If _ea_ is the word to use when you are talking about somethi=
> that "is" in a specific position, it could be appropriate in the contex=
> you are after. The future tense of _ea_ isn't entirely certain either, =
> I *think* _euva_ is a reasonably plausible form. More certain than the > suggested future forms of _n=E1_, anyway! Then "may your language be he=
> could be rendered as _nai lambelya euva sinome_.=20 >=20 > If you want something that is certainly grammatically correct, but perh=
> slightly more awkward, try _nai lambelya maruva sinome_ =3D "may your > language dwell here".
I like this last one, or plain _lambelya ea sinome_ 'your language Is her= e'. What do you think, people? [And then I said, just in case]: =20
> > Plus, any idea about a Sindarin translation? >=20 > The problem is that we don't know the pronoun "your" in Sindarin. It is > sleeping uselessly in the papers the Elfconners may or may not publish =
> some point during the next fifty years. I could propose something very > hypothetical, but it would be so uncertain that I couldn't recommend > putting it on a shirt and imply that this is Tolkien's Sindarin. _Lam > [g=EDn???] hirithar hi aen_?=20
* Ardalambion ('The Tongues of Arda') is at < hf/>. --Pablo Flores