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Re: RV: Translations [Conlang T Shirt]

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Friday, November 5, 1999, 22:21
Daniel Andreasson <noldo@...> wrote:
> "Nai lambelya maruva sinome" has an epic Tolkienian > touch that I like. I'd say: Go for that! > Anyone up for doing the tengwar?
I'll try, though I have doubts. I think the tengwar would be N=FAmen + a, short carrier + i, Lambe + a, uMBar + e, Lambe + palatalization mark + a, Malta + a, R=F3men + u, Vala + a, Silme + i, N=FAmen + o, Malta + e The 'palatalization mark' is two dots under the consonant; for _lambe_, they are usually inside the loop. The _silme_ could be _nuquerna_ (inverted). Probably better looking... I think Daniel asked why _vala_ and not _vilya_ for /v/. AFAIK _vala_ is the usual letter (cf. LotR Appendix E, where tengwa number 22 [i. e. _vala_] is said to be used for 'v' in Quenya spelling). But it's possible that _vilya_ (<< earlier _wilya_) could be used too, if future tense ending <-uva> derives from *<-uwa>. Do we know something about that? In any case, if there are no objections, I can make a .gif and send it to Fabian. --Pablo Flores