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First post :)

From:Robert "Neo" Hill <neovirus@...>
Date:Friday, March 22, 2002, 20:49
 Hi all, i am new here. I am 15, and have always created "codes" i thought were
languages hehe. Lately (2-3 years) i have been working on the language of Neo
Evish (Quiqw Cqwyu (i am also thinking of changing the name, as it is not based
on Elves or for elves hehe)) very hard. It needs alot of work, but I am
confident that it will turn out very mature in time.

 Anyway, lemmie get to business. What do you all think a language REALLY needs.
I am only making a simple language for now, you know, kind of like a Dwarven
language (stupidity reigns). I really just dont know where to start. Maybe a
checklist? I would be very greatful to anyone who can help me in this area(s).
       Good Bye, or as they say in Neo Elvish, Qwsqwl.
                                   Robert Hill


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