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Re: Maggel

From:Danny Wier <dawiertx@...>
Date:Saturday, June 12, 2004, 20:36
From: "Steg Belsky" <draqonfayir@...>

> Anyone know why Scottish Gaelic accents go "\" and Irish Gaelic ones go > "/" ?
Scots Gaelic does use acute accent for <e> and <o> to indicate a mid-high quality, as opposed to mid-low for grave, which is the default lenth marker. This may have been discontinued in the orthographic reforms of the 1970s.
> Btw, does Scottish also pronounce broad |dh| as /G/ like i was taught > Irish does?
Yes, and <th> is /h/, just as in Irish. Lenis /d/ only becomes /D/ in Welsh; it becomes /z/ in Breton.


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