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Re: Sound changes causing divergence of ordinals from cardinals

From:Nik Taylor <yonjuuni@...>
Date:Thursday, January 5, 2006, 17:11
Alex Fink wrote:
>>(1) Labial harmony: After rounded elements, subsequent vowels become >>rounded, unless there is a subsequent velar, which prevents it (cf. >>English "what" vs "whack"). Thus: >> >>(I assume the "ao" is two separate vowels. If it's a diphthong, then >>20th should remain "naronaoke", 30th "mikonaoke") > > > (2) Primary stress is penultimate (unless there's only one vowel). Vowels > under the primary stress shift: non-high vowels rise (/a e 2 Q o/ > /e i y o > u/), while high vowels break (/i y u/ > /j@ H@ w@/).
*Stressed* Schwa? Wouldn't that be better as /i@/ /y@/ and /u@/? For ease of further changes, I'm adding stress markers as well. (3) Intervocalic voiceless stops become fricatives (/x/ further develops to /h/ and then 0) Value Cardinal Ordinal 1 'j@wQ i'wee 2 'nero na'rue 3 'mj@o mi'ue 4 'tuo to'ue 5 'kin 'kinke 6 'jesu ja'sw@e 7 'Sj@gu Si'gw@e 8 'dZuz2 dZo'zie 9 'hj@ja hijeke 10 'neo na'ue 11 'hero ha'rue 12 'utsu ot'sw@e 13 nao'mj@o naomi'ue 20 naro'noo naronQ'ue 21 naronQ'H@wQ naronQy'wee 22 naronQo'noro naronQonQ'rue 30 mio'noo mionQ'ue 31 naronQo'horo naronQohQ'rue 32 naronQ'utsu naronQo'tsw@e 33 mikonQo'mj@o mionQomi'ue