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Re: R: Re: Degrees of volition in active languages (was Re:Chevraqis: asketch)

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Monday, August 14, 2000, 12:10
T. Wier wrote:

> Mangiat wrote: > > BTW, I, too, think Greek 'So:krate:s' is ungrammatical. I have never
found a
> > Greek proper name without the article. > > Not really. I quote from Plato's 'Apology': > > 'So:krate:s adikei kai periegrazetai zeto:n ta te hupo ge:s kai
> 'Socrates does wrong and makes a nuisance of himself by searching for > those things under the earth and in the heavens....' (III.6) > > Of course, it also depends on which period you're talking about. In
> time, there were no articles, and so consequently of course there were no
> with a required article.
Ok, you're right! I said it because I don't remember finding a noun without the article in one of the test I've translated up to now : )
> > Well, I think Greek uses a lot > > articles. Indeed I've never studied all its declension patterns, you can > > work well even if you remember the declension of 'ho, he, tò'. > > Well, for beginning Attic Greek, certainly. For me this scheme > did not work for many periods of Greek.
Well, a lot of nouns decline as 'ho, he, tò', since the article has the same endings of the first two declensions. Then the third declension is not so difficult - only the part about vocalic roots has made me really crazy. Fortunately there are so few nouns of those groups! Luca
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