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OT: Detecting Language/Dielect Spoken

From:Michael Adams <abrigon@...>
Date:Friday, June 16, 2006, 16:47
Sort of had an idea, not really a Conlang, but close.

How hard would it be to do a auditory sensor network or just listening points, at
say check points in Iraq, as well as on phone lines (no legel protection there
for listening in) to do a computer annalysis of someone speaking to detect they
are not from Iraq or not likely from Iraq?

Idea came to me, on if most/many of the Insurgents are NOT Iraqi (or from Iraq),
but from Iran, Saudi Arabi and Syria, is there a real differnce between Iraqi
Arabic and other languages, than those in those countries where many of the
insurants are from?

Or, if I got someplace, people can atleast tell I am normally that is, from the
Pacific North West, but not Alaska normally, but ..

Is there such things are "Marker" sounds and words and like that can be listened
for, that woule show that someone is not local?

former Army Guard

I know for me, I sometimes can tell by words and accent where you are from in
the Lower 48, or even you are from some dielects/languages in Alaska, but its a
developed ear, but can it be recreated using a computer?


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