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Re: Interbeing

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Thursday, February 21, 2002, 0:36
David Peterson wrote:
>2A) "A mata oliala imata ie kawi ae iko kapivi...... >
This is lovely. It really flows. In reading it, I tended to stick in a lot of glottal stops on vowel-initial words, which makes it sound even more Hawaiian, or at least stage-Hawaiian ;-). Any possibility that would be a non-phonemic feature of Kamakawi?
>I see how it's kind of odd to write that last sentence if you've just >invented a word for the word that you're claiming to not have in your >dictionary. Kind of odd when you're the one creating the dictionary. :)
That's why the Kash translator changed it to "you won't _every_ dictionary...." Incidentally, he omitted "this" in line 1: ...ri ondeni kapra _tayu_. BTW Kash añakrangota ["a.nja.kra.'Ngo.ta] 'dictionary' is a compound of añakram 'thing that clarifies/explains; explanation' < akram 'clear' plus kota 'word(s)'. 'Vocabulary' FWIW is yundraput kota 'warehouse (of) word(s)', < irreg. yun- < yurun 'place' plus raput 'put away, store'; it's pretty much a calque of Indonesian perbendaharaan kata lit. 'treasury of words'