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Re: Interbeing

From:Bob Greenwade <bob.greenwade@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 20, 2002, 19:34
At 09:46 PM 2/14/02 -0500, Matthew Kehrt wrote:
>Nice translation exercise. Here it is in Eviendadhail. If people want, >I'll post an interlinear, but now I want to go to bed. ;-) > >Ílisó evó énwal ithnebis yís. Sa ínwal el, can sa íteris elalé, í sa >íteris el, can sa ídaionwí felíalé, í sa ídaionwí felíal, can sa íneb >elé. Ithath, íneb í ínwal emel. Ithevenfelan íeven í 'emelas' yis, >sao íar yú é cwa íadh ibadh esé. > >-M > >David Peterson wrote: > "The true poet will > > see the cloud in this paper. For without a cloud there can be no rain, and > > without rain, trees can't grow, and if trees can't grow, there would be no > > paper. In this way, the paper and the cloud interare. The word 'interbe' > > isn't a word you'll find in the dictionary, but I think it should be, for > > just this purpose."
I just love how the people on this list delve into translation exercises at the drop of a hat.... :-] Gya:lyo_ za\l zha\mya^dz vo_g+o\z vo_dho_m dzu_ zha\zho:l+. Nga\n+o^z dzyo|' nga\wo_l+ dho_m 'i^ja/n+, nga\n+o^z dhyu_' nga\wo_l+ 'i^ja/n+ vlo^vo^ng, 'a/ 'i/dhnga\n+o^z dhyu_' vlo^vo^ng nga\yo_ dzyo|' zha/zho:l+. 'A_'wo_l+ nga\vo/l 'i^n+i:bv zha/zho:l 'a/ dho_m. Nga\'a da: "'a_'wo_l+" vo_vla|b dzu_ zyu\bvla|b yo vla:n, nga\'a/ zhu/m 'i^za_ldlo/ng vo/l 'i^'a\dh. It becomes a little interesting (to me, at least) how similar the word coined for "interbe" ('a_'wo_l+) is to the word for "from" (nga\vo/l). Everyday speakers of Rav Zarruvo (whose poets, by the way, would hold just this point of view) would not only hold onto a perception of interbeing that requires one side of the equation to be derived from the other, but also find ways to construct truly horrible puns from that linguistic coincidence.... :-] --- Bob's Original Hero Stuff Page! [Circle of HEROS member] Music from Bob's Computer! (CD now available!) Want more hits to your web page?