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Re: Interbeing

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Saturday, February 16, 2002, 2:42
David Peterson wrote:
>> "The true poet will >> see the cloud in this paper. For without a cloud there can be no rain,
>> without rain, trees can't grow, and if trees can't grow, there would be
>> paper. In this way, the paper and the cloud interare. The word
>> isn't a word you'll find in the dictionary, but I think it should be, for >> just this purpose."
Kash: kekotrinjuwe kukundi yapotikasto kaham ri ondeni kapra. ombini, inga kahami ta yale ripa, inga ripayi tak iyunjuk angeç, i kendi ta yale angeç, kendi ta yale kapra. Ombi sañ kapra i kaham ikaket. kotani -kaket- kunak ta hatromatto ri pinal añakrangota, mowa pilami, yanjayi yukale tuça-tuça uçoñi tani. to-the-poet real it-will-be-visible cloud in inside-of paper. because, without of-cloud not there-is rain, without of-rain not they-grow trees, and IF not there-are trees, THEN not there-is paper. because thus paper and tree they-are-[inter-related in a complex way]. its-word "kaket" probably not you-will-find in every dictionary, but my-think, it-ought exist precisely its-purpose of-this. (Minor change necessary, since Kash at least seems to have a word comparable to "interbe"-- and has since several weeks ago. It's related to the word for "chain")


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