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Re: Interbeing

From:Anthony M. Miles <theophilus88@...>
Date:Thursday, February 21, 2002, 12:09
   "An apple eaten increases awareness;
   cider drunk decreases awareness"
   >From: nicole dobrowolski
   >Reply-To: Constructed Languages List
   >Subject: Re: Interbeing
   >Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 13:22:16 -0800
   >froge sionk David Peterson...
   > >"The true poet will see the cloud in this paper. For without a
   > > cloud there can be no rain, and without rain, trees can't grow, and
   > > if trees can't grow, there would be no paper. In this way, the
   > > paper and the cloud interare. The word 'interbe' isn't a word
   > > you'll find in the dictionary, but I think it should be, for
   > > just this purpose."
   Tyaieni'n ru'khe hibi'depho'lendrakhe peddelahabato'r ho'l khome
   khanandetyaiename. Kyelmenadedara'lon ba'llei peddegwainalei sab
   peddelahabakwos. Kyeldha'dyagdedara'lon ba'llei ned sab peddegwainakwos.
   Kyelmenadedara'londra ba'lse' khanandetyaienase' sab telende

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Clint Jackson Baker <litrex1@...>