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History +there+

From:Frank George Valoczy <valoczy@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 20, 2001, 20:57
Well I would have a few questions regarding the history *there* for the
people on Sessiwn...

I know that a great deal is known about the history of the British Isles
*there*, but how much is known about the Balkans?

The reason I'm asking is, and this might make some of our number happy, is
that I've decided, after running away from my latest monstrosity (I don't
know, my a priori conlangs always turn out to be monstrosities), to
resurrect "langaa dalmatica" (note this is different from the old one a
little bit!). But this time, with a history and everything behind it. I've
worked out a rough sketch of the history from the first mention of a
Dalmatian state till about 1600, and am curious how it would fit in there.

Why did I select Dalmatica for resurrection? Because, unfortunately, after
the most exhaustive search possible, the only thing I found having
anything to do with Brzhonegh was a sheet of paper inscribed (Rrwspuvllika
Brzhona) at the top, and nothing it's all gone =(

But for dalmatika most of what I had is still about, namely on that
site...and I've started to overhaul it a bit, as you may have noticed with
the definite article too, "langaa dalmatica" as opposed to the old "la
langa dalmatika" an effort to make it more eastern romance.

Ferenc Gy. Valoczy

Suurt chugunikka peene ahjo suhe et toukka.

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