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Arabic/Hebrew Structure For Conlangs

From:Brandon Denny <brandonjdenny@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 20, 2001, 21:28
I have been reading the Arabic thread with great interest.  The language I am
working out for my stories could benefit from a root structure like that.
I'd be willing to scrap most of what I've done to have a more logical system
like what that appears to be.
I have been looking (for the past few days) for a coherent introduction to
Semitic tri-consonantal root systems and how they are used to create
vocabulary (Nouns, Adj, Adv , etc.).
Admittedly, there are plenty of Hebrew and Arabic resources online, but I am
an amateur conlanger who cannot read Hebrew or Arabic, and every G'darn site
I've found only gives examples in their respective scripts.  (I not being
script-chauvanistic, I'm just not quick at figuring out scripts)

Does any one know of any resources (esp. online) that use a Roman script in
describing Arabic or Hebrew grammar.

In addition, if anyone out there has created a language using a two or three
root system, would you, could you, give a gloss of how you accomplished it,
or if you have it online, point my browser your way?

One more thing, I've been wanting to include a way in my language to indicate
that whatever is being stated is "the way it should be," without having to
add that phrase all the time.  Basically I want a way for the speaker to
indicate that whatever they have said is in line with "the divine order."
(My language is for a fantasy stories, and I have based the culture in part
on the Lakota (Sioux), Norse and Russian but want the language to be
independant of those cultures languages).  I thought of using a noun case for
this purpose but have run into problems.  Any suggestions of how to integrate
this concept into a language?  Would an enclitic be more apt?  Has anyone
else done something like this with their language(s)?

Brandon DW


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