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Re: Translating "Imagine" (< Code-switching in music)

From:Lars Finsen <lars.finsen@...>
Date:Saturday, October 13, 2007, 16:04
Here is my attempt in Urianian (rather literal I am afraid):


Tripniri en fu ginuk.
(imagine-refl.imp.2s not be-subj.3s heaven)
Min e da birdin.
(easy is your try-dem.inst)
Nin celved enz nemi.
(no hell under us-dat)
Seb nemi gimun sun.
(over us-dat sky alone)
Tripniri bil dadet
(imagine-refl.imp.2s all
cuvan tunetsui.
(live-act.part.nom today-dem.dat)
Saivit fuam smutig,
(say-subj.2s be-subj.1s dreamer)
dende en em sunudas.
(but not be-1s alone-sup.dem)

Tripniri en fuan ivri.
(imagine-refl.imp.2s not be-subj.3p
En e fizur zide.
(not be-3s difficult do-inf)
Nig jumai mirtid is mirde
(nothing what-dat kill-inf or die-inf)
ju nin vitan idu.
(and no religion too)
Tripniri bil dadet
cuvan cuja brudidin.
Saivit fuam smutig,
dende en em sunudas.
Tej e me ix nit ibravit,
(hope is-3s me-acc once us-acc follow-subj.2s)
di fed fus igi.
(that-inst world be-subj.fut.3s

Tripniri nina dankan.
Minam uf mevit.
(wonder-1s.pres if can-subj.2s)
En eng sin rizt is ildas.
(not necessary are-3p greed or
Frednidas emnidat.
Tripniri bil dadet
nimrivat bilda fedits.
Saivit fuam smutig,
dende en em sunudas.
Tej e me ix nit ibravit,
di fed cuvus igi.
(then world live-subj.fut.3s

Curiously I am getting lots of nice alliterations and internal rhymes
without even trying...

Den 10. okt. 2007 kl. 14.14 skrev Mark J. Reed:

> As for "Mythago Wood', that's a book title, I believe. In any case it > was a rather major thinko for "Norwegian Wood".
Yay! I learn a new word again! LEF


Herman Miller <hmiller@...>Translating "Imagine"