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Translating "Imagine" (< Code-switching in music)

Date:Tuesday, October 9, 2007, 21:13
> [] On Behalf Of David J. Peterson > Dana wrote: > << > Actually one song I found to be a pretty good translation
exercise, is
> John Lennon's "Imagine". Here it is in Sasxsek (updated since my > previous post on a.l.a). > >> > > Huh. You know, if you're working with an auxlang, or an > a posteriori language, it might work pretty well, but with an a > priori language, two words come to mind immediately: "imagine" > and "religion". I can think of several creative ways to do
> but the word "religion" entails so much in English. How might > one translate it in a language with an ill-defined culture, or a > radically different culture? Translating it wholesale would seem > kludgey to me. Anyone have an equivalent word in any of > their languages? > > Oh, the relevant lines: > > ... > Nothing to kill or die for, > And no religion too, > ... > > (And all the lines that say "imagine", of course.)
BTW: Sasxsek is an a posteriori auxlang, it just may not be immediately apparent because of the more neutral grammar and diverse influences on the lexicon. It's interested you brought that up because "imagine" was a tough word to translate, and I'm still not very happy with how I did it. I used "tudum" which is "tu" (at) + "dum" (think) thus meaning something like "think about" or "ponder" though I'm thinking I may also need to added the ichoative "-ib" to the end to make it a bit clearer. "Religion" also is a tough one because of its different meanings, and shades of meanings. Everyone has a religion in the sense that we all have a system of beliefs in our minds whether or not we believe in the existence of any deities. In this song though, I see "religion" as meaning something more of the organized, prepackaged and easily-labeled variety of beliefs which we generally refer to when we say "religion". I supposed it could be something more like "organized common philosophy". "


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