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Re: Yûomaewec: Example and evaluation

From:Christopher Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 14, 2002, 14:57
Len disothei huri Adrian Morgan, im sekem:
Your spelling reform is quite interesting. However, it's obviously not
intended for my dialect. You would seem not to have /r=/, making it into
a schwa.

>Hze aplikaeccin ov Okhim'z Raezi en eotc caes ez obveis.
There, you have "raezi" for razor. According to previous posts, you have |i| for schwa. Do you pronounce the word something like [rejz@]? For me, it definitely ends in [zr=]. The frequency of diacritics is an obstacle to this system's use, I think. But so would a tremendous amount of digraphs. English ends up like Maggel, with the written words having little to do with pronunciation as a practical matter. (I couldn't do anything like that, I'm afraid.) People manage, though. Some do. Laimes, The monoglot anglophone. ____ "Through not observing the thoughts of another a man is seldom unhappy, but he who does not observe the movements of his own mind must of necessity be unhappy." --Marcus Aurelius


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