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Re: Reflexive & Reciprocal Marked on the Verb

From:Matthew <ave.jor@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 3, 2008, 1:30
Eldin Raigmore wrote:
> How do your 'langs (whether nat- or con-) handle this? > Do they just not distinguish "reflexive" from "reciprocal"? > Do they distinguish it by marking the verb with, say, a "voice" > or "version" of "reflexive" or "reciprocal" (not the same)? > Or do they mark the difference elsewhere in the clause, say by either a > reflexive pronoun or a reciprocal pronoun or both? >
I know that French sometimes uses the number agreement to disambiguate, but I can't think of a context right now. I know for sure it doesn't use it to disambiguate for reciprocity vs reflexivity though because *nous s'embrassons *nous nous embrasse Even though I can't recall I know for sure you could use number to disambiguate. na suset mi kao : me and my spouse kiss each other we kiss+PL my spouse (act as one) na sus mi kao : me and my spouse kiss ourselves we kiss+SG my spouse (act separately) na : we sus : kiss -et : plural marker mi : my kao : spouse


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