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Re: Disgusting thread... ;-)

From:Pascal A. Kramm <pkramm@...>
Date:Friday, November 5, 2004, 23:18
On Thu, 4 Nov 2004 18:30:10 +0000, Jan van Steenbergen
<ijzeren_jan@...> wrote:

> --- Pascal A. Kramm skrzypszy: > >> Well, it's not that far from the border, but the Dutch border. > >Yeah? Were exactly, if I may ask?
North-Rine Westphalia, or Ruhrgebiet (Ruhr area), to be more precise. So where do you come from? You have a Dutch name, a British email address, a French website and an indeciphrable consonant cluster as introduction line...
>> French names (like mine) can be easily found, and there's lots of >> French stuff in the supermarkets, esp. camembert. I *love* >> camembert. I also love croissants and baguettes. > >The combination French first name with German last name is >particularly common in Luxemburg. As a matter of fact, you could >easily have presented yourself as a Luxemburger.
I see... Luxemburg isn't that far either. My middle name is also French, btw.
>All the French stuff you describe (I don't like camembert; I quite >like Brie and Port-Salut, though; I adore croissant, and I don't mind >a baguette from time to time) is quite common here, too. As a matter >of fact, I wonder if France really needs to be close in order to have >those thins in the supermarkets.
That's probably true, but I guess if you're farther away from France, you won't have quite that much stuff, and it will be a good bit more expensive. -- Pascal A. Kramm, author of Choton official Choton homepage:


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