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Re: conculture

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Saturday, November 17, 2001, 1:53
In a message dated 16.11.2001 02:31:22 PM, annis@BIOSTAT.WISC.EDU quotes me
and writes:

>>From: J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...> > > > > What do ya peeps call a conlang that is geared towards creating a > >possible real subculture? > > Esperanto? > > Perhaps Klingon. :)
LMAO... yep, those are in this particular class of conlang.
> > Has anyone ever done this?
I am trying to with Lego. But I will be happy just to use Lego in my experimental poetry & sci-fi stories. But it would be neat if a "paraculture" <see below for defining of "paraculture"> was to arise out of Lego.
> I know some Neopagan groups >occasionally indulge in dead language Revivals (a la modern Hebrew), >but I can't think of anyone creating a language with the exress goal >of creating a subculture.
:) yippy, I am a pioneer... mayhaps...
> > > I am kinda in favour of _xenocultural conlang_
> >_xenolang_ for short. Or _paracultural conlang_/_paralang_. (AFAIK this is > >different from an artlang) > > Hmm. To me a word like paralang would just be another term >for 'argot' or 'jargon' though I admit my mind isn't quite able to get >a handle on what *exactly* 'paracultural' means.
Paraculture is different from both mainstream larger culture and subcultures. A paraculture can arise outta of what some (in cultural studies) call "technoculture" - the idea that technology is autonomous and that the far-reaching effects of technology are creating lifestyles, ideas of nature and systems of thought encoded or represented in specific technological "artefacts." Paraculture is related in some ways to the "para-" root in "paramilitary" and to the "para-" in "paranormal" and to the "para-" prefix used in chemistry meaning "modification of"! The fiercely intellectual, radical anarcho-Left movement called "Autonome' " created use of this word "paraculture." I am extending its meaning beyond theirs ;)
> Perhaps I'll create a liturgical language when I get my cult >going...
::mock panic voice:: eek... ::makes mudra to ward off evil::
>-- >William Annis - System Administrator - Biomedical Computing Group >"When men are inhuman, take care not to feel towards them as they do >towards other humans." Marcus Aurelius VII.65 >
nice quote BTW czHANg, A.I.N.M.U. #23zzyzx


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