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Re: French

From:R A Brown <ray@...>
Date:Thursday, January 22, 2009, 9:16
Alex Fink wrote:
> On Thu, 22 Jan 2009 04:44:06 +0100, Erbrice <erbrice@...> wrote: > >> What i ment and reaffirm is that when i discovered this list I was so >> happy >> and when i presented my langage >> the one i'm working on for 30 years >> which i invented clearly formulated: "to codes my thoughts" at the >> age of 11 >> and that this langage grow evrytime i learn langages, i borrow > > I, for one, didn't realise your language had such a history behind it.
Nor I. Often when someone new to the list makes their first posting, they introduce themselves. This, in my opinion, is very helpful. After all, on this list we have all ages ranging from teenagers to people in their 70s and, I suspect, 80s (any older?). Also people's interests differ considerably. It is helpful to have some idea who we are are responding to; it can avoid unfortunate misunderstandings.
> 30 years is an impressive time, even more so if you've gotten something which > is in fact oligosynthesis to function comfortably. Could you give us an > introduction to this language? Or, better yet, direct us to a grammar > sketch of it, if perchance you have one?
Yes, indeed. Some actual examples of the language, preferably with glosses, would have helped. =================================================== Erbrice wrote: [snip] > AND > came a little post : > "It's an oligisynthetic langage" > and then, exept very fews posts , > I've been only told > no way > no interest > allready wrecked > though I was only looking for people to share my technical problems > I experimented a lot of agression. > AND > it came the "you can't write english" thing > and i felt for few hours un sous homme, an underhuman, an excluded, a > oligoneuronal jerk Oh dear! There's clearly been some serious misunderstanding going on! And please don't take that the wrong way. Maybe the language is oligosynthetic - so what? This is a _conlang_ list; there's room for all sorts of constructed languages. "no interest"?? Surely the posts that followed your first email showed that there *was* interest! The language sounded different and we (at least I) wanted to find out more, but I was not clear about some points of the language. I actually asked for more information. "I was only looking for people to share my technical problems" - but there were people who might have been willing. I am very sorry if you read posts as being aggressive. I was not aware of any aggression. In my experience, aggression is not a feature of this list. There were requests for clarification; there were people pointing out the difficulties - but that is something very different from aggression, surely! I do not recall anyone saying "you can't write English." The suggestion "You might have better luck writing in French" was over a particular point that some of us found puzzling. It was surely meant as a *helpful* suggestion. If I were writing in French on a French list I would not be surprised if sometimes my expressions seemed strange or obscure. If others on the list understood English, I might well say "Eh bien - let's see if you understand better if I put it in English." ---------------------------------- As I say, there has IMO clearly been serious misunderstanding. I apologize if you thought my responses aggressive. Basically, I thought you were airing some new ideas you had and I was trying to point out the pitfalls and that what you seemed to be doing was not trivial. If I had known that you were talking about a language you had been developing for 30 years my replies would have been very different. For a start, I would expect that you had already realized that this was no trivial exercise :) To be helpful, can I suggest we draw a line under this unhappy episode? How about introducing yourself? A little bit about yourself and perhaps some history of the language you have been developing over the past 30 years. -- Ray ================================== ================================== CENEDL HEB IAITH, CENEDL HEB GALON. (A nation without a language is a nation without a heart) [Welsh proverb]


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