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Re: French

From:Erbrice <erbrice@...>
Date:Thursday, January 22, 2009, 19:50
The problem was the agressive way to answer, but maybe you're right,
it's any way ok now..

Le 22 janv. 09 à 10:15, R A Brown a écrit :

> Alex Fink wrote: >> On Thu, 22 Jan 2009 04:44:06 +0100, Erbrice <erbrice@...> >> wrote: >>> What i ment and reaffirm is that when i discovered this list I >>> was so >>> happy >>> and when i presented my langage >>> the one i'm working on for 30 years >>> which i invented clearly formulated: "to codes my thoughts" at the >>> age of 11 >>> and that this langage grow evrytime i learn langages, i borrow >> I, for one, didn't realise your language had such a history behind >> it. > > Nor I. > > Often when someone new to the list makes their first posting, they > introduce themselves. This, in my opinion, is very helpful. After > all, on this list we have all ages ranging from teenagers to people > in their 70s and, I suspect, 80s (any older?). Also people's > interests differ considerably. It is helpful to have some idea who > we are are responding to; it can avoid unfortunate misunderstandings. > >> 30 years is an impressive time, even more so if you've gotten >> something which >> is in fact oligosynthesis to function comfortably. Could you give >> us an >> introduction to this language? Or, better yet, direct us to a >> grammar >> sketch of it, if perchance you have one? > > Yes, indeed. Some actual examples of the language, preferably with > glosses, would have helped. > =================================================== > > Erbrice wrote: > [snip] > > AND > > came a little post : > > "It's an oligisynthetic langage" > > and then, exept very fews posts , > > I've been only told > > no way > > no interest > > allready wrecked > > though I was only looking for people to share my technical problems > > I experimented a lot of agression. > > AND > > it came the "you can't write english" thing > > and i felt for few hours un sous homme, an underhuman, an > excluded, a > > oligoneuronal jerk > > Oh dear! There's clearly been some serious misunderstanding going > on! And please don't take that the wrong way. > > Maybe the language is oligosynthetic - so what? This is a _conlang_ > list; there's room for all sorts of constructed languages. > > "no interest"?? Surely the posts that followed your first email > showed that there *was* interest! The language sounded different > and we (at least I) wanted to find out more, but I was not clear > about some points of the language. I actually asked for more > information. > > "I was only looking for people to share my technical problems" > - but there were people who might have been willing. > > I am very sorry if you read posts as being aggressive. I was not > aware of any aggression. In my experience, aggression is not a > feature of this list. There were requests for clarification; there > were people pointing out the difficulties - but that is something > very different from aggression, surely! > > I do not recall anyone saying "you can't write English." The > suggestion "You might have better luck writing in French" was over > a particular point that some of us found puzzling. It was surely > meant as a *helpful* suggestion. > > If I were writing in French on a French list I would not be > surprised if sometimes my expressions seemed strange or obscure. If > others on the list understood English, I might well say "Eh bien - > let's see if you understand better if I put it in English." > ---------------------------------- > > As I say, there has IMO clearly been serious misunderstanding. > > I apologize if you thought my responses aggressive. Basically, I > thought you were airing some new ideas you had and I was trying to > point out the pitfalls and that what you seemed to be doing was not > trivial. If I had known that you were talking about a language you > had been developing for 30 years my replies would have been very > different. For a start, I would expect that you had already > realized that this was no trivial exercise :) > > To be helpful, can I suggest we draw a line under this unhappy > episode? > > How about introducing yourself? A little bit about yourself and > perhaps some history of the language you have been developing over > the past 30 years. > > -- > Ray > ================================== > > ================================== > CENEDL HEB IAITH, CENEDL HEB GALON. > (A nation without a language is a > nation without a heart) > [Welsh proverb]