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Re: French

From:Mark J. Reed <markjreed@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 3, 2009, 23:58
Route, /rut/ vs /raUt/?  Though I personally use them pretty
consistently with a semantic distinction, where /raUt/ is unmarked
while /rut/ is strictly for road names...

On 2/3/09, Roger Mills <romiltz@...> wrote:
> Mark Reed wrote: >> >> I've learned a lot about português pronunciation. >> I'm still confused >> about the <ang> though. Is there a [N] anywhere, or >> is it pronounced >> the same as if it were spelled <ãg>? >> > Judging from the replies, it appears to be free variation (or > personal/dialectal idiosyncracy?) between [a~g] and [aNg]; probably in the > latter the a is still nasalized, at least somewhat......(and I suspect even > in the former, there might be an intrusive [N] as the velum closes for the > g). > > The only real free variation in AmEngl. I can think if is "economic(s), > economical" with initial [i] or [E], often in the same discourse. Other > alternants, like "either" ['iDr=] ~ ['aiDr=] or "tomato" [t@'meyto ~ > t@'mAto] seem to be regional, maybe even class features. > > > >
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