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Re: French

From:Carsten Becker <carbeck@...>
Date:Thursday, January 22, 2009, 19:55

Petau naramayāng-ikan na Inglis.
Petau nara_maya-ang=ikan na Inglis
stupid speak_er-AGT=all GEN English
"All speakers of English are stupid"

... soyang ...
... or ...

Petau adanyāng-ikan si ang narayon sa Inglis.
Petau adanya-ang=ikan si ang nara-yon sa Inglis
stupid that_one.AGT=all REL AGTFOC speak-3p:n PAT English
"All those who speak English are stupid"

Ban-vā ikan
ban=vā ikan
good-SUP all
"All the best"

Krisyān (< Krisnasyamayān)
"Christian" (> Carsten)

Ang ming sungva baloybenungley nā ya:
ang ming sung-va baloy_benung-ley nā ya:
AGTFOC can find-2 page_net-PAT:inan 1s.GEN LOC
"You can find my website at:"