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Re: nouns-verbs

From:Pascal A. Kramm <pkramm@...>
Date:Monday, January 3, 2005, 23:58
On Mon, 3 Jan 2005 04:33:02 +0100, Remi Villatel <maxilys@...> wrote:

>Pascal A. Kramm wrote: > >>>Remi nu woch: "Num grchen pa fir! > >> "Now begin for us!" !? Doesn't make much sense - begin what? > >I used the Babel text and I made a mistake. For some reason, I mistake the >particle /pa/ for "by". I didn't know how to differenciate "Let us begin" >from "Let you begin". > >Isn't /num/ the imperative particle?
It is, you got that right.
>Fir num grchen! >we IMPERATIVE start/beginning >= Let's begin! > >That's what I wanted to write first.
That would be correct. In the Babel text, the "fir" can be deduced from the context, since the people (the actors) were already mentioned previously. In your first example (without pronoun), it looks like you are addressing me, so the implied target of the imperative would be me. If you want to say "let us...", you should add the pronoun, as you did properly in your correction. The pronoun should be added to the inmperative when the target is someone else than the implied target (the person addressed, or in a text the actor(s) that have been mentioned previously), to avoid misunderstandings.
>>>Num plu woch krchea pa fir!" >> >> "Now create more languages for us!" Didn't you just say you want more of >> Chatiga? > >Isn't /plu/ the plural marking? That's what I understood from the Babel >text.
It is.
>I should have written: > >Fir num krchea de plu woch! >we IMPERATIVE creation (ACTION) PLURAL language >= Let's make languages!
Yes, that's fine.
>I was trying to impress you with my mastering of Chatiga. I failed but you >cheated! ;-) You changed the values of some particles in between the Babel >text and yesterday. Not fair! ;-)
Well, your mastering is already nice, your corrected sentences are all fine :) Which particles changed their meaning in your opinion? -- Pascal A. Kramm, author of: Chatiga: Choton: Ichwara Prana: Skälansk: Advanced English: