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Date:Wednesday, December 29, 2004, 8:57
I was reading a general linguistic book today and I read something to threw
me in a very deep thinking!

It was talking about simple different way for languages to represent things
like the 6 word orders, the ergativity that kind of stuff

But after it continued with similarities between all languages

One of them was the fact that all languages divided nouns and verbs in two
types of words

In every tongue there is a difference between a verb and a noun

In ALL dialects we can take a sheet and write nouns on one side and verbs on
the other side

Is that true? Do you know or have heard of a language where this is not
true? Did one of you invent a conlang without that thing?

I passed a long time to think how such a similarity could have hold in ALL
human languages

first possibility: all languages are evolved from a single language wich
invented that concept and its use since our birth makes us incapable of
changing it in our language

second: the human brain can't think of a way to describe the world without a
division of "things" and "actions"

third: other ways have appeared in the history (when humans begun to speak)
but their speakers have been unable to function with it and changed or died

fourth: the human brain can think an other way but that other way is so far
of the one in usage that it can't be reached by a natural evolution because
their is no forms between by wich an evolution can pass

If the solution is the fourth explication, what can't be reached by language
evolution may be by conlanging

Someone has a conlang concept without "verb-noun" division????


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