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Re: nouns-verbs

From:Remi Villatel <maxilys@...>
Date:Thursday, December 30, 2004, 2:44
# 1 wrote:

> Someone has a conlang concept without "verb-noun" division????
Sylvia will certainly come and talk to you about Kélen, somebody will of course mention All-Noun, and I can't help it but I'll talk about Shaquelingua, my alien conlang. Let's try to make it simple. Shaquelingua has no verb. It uses instead what I call "the principle of flux". The usual grammatical entities (Subject, Object, Verb, Indirect Object) are replaced by semantical groups which are ruled by a declension (Transmitter, Flux, Initiator, Receiver, Referential) and bound together in a clause by a descriptor of flux (either a kind of adjective or a postposition). The descriptor of flux determines the semantical groups (i.e. the declensions) you must use to build your clause. There are 3 main kinds of flux: Acquisitive = The Initiator acquires a Flux coming from a Transmitter. Equative = The Initiator equals a Flux. Dotative = The Initiator gives a Flux to a Receiver. Of course, "to acquire", "to be equal to" and "to give" are purely metaphorical concepts; they'll be translated according to context. The descriptor of flux also defines the type of the flux: object vs. quality and immaterial vs. physical... and some other subtleties. All things related to tense, mood, aspect are gathered in a special kind of adjective so you can "conjugate" almost anything. A few examples to make things clearer (I hope): And to make the interlinear clearer: TRS Transmitter (declension) FLX Flux ( " ) INI Initiator ( " ) REC Receiver ( " ) EMO Emotional ( " ) IND Indicative (mode) RTSPC Retrospective (tense) FUT Future ( " ) DEF Definite (quantifying aspect) INDEF Indefinite ( " ) QLT Qualitative ( " ) [Turns an object into quality] UNQNT Unquantitative ( " ) [Unquantifiable quantity] PROPR Proprietive ( " ) [Inalienable possession] POSTP Postposition ---------- A bird is singing. From a shaquean point of view, you can put a sign equal in between "bird" and "song". That's an equative flux. je bjó tsapai ja teo'sarøk. INDEF:FLX EQUATIVE song INDEF:INI IND:RTSPC=bird = **one produced song (by) one currently bird. Here the descriptor "bjó" says that "song" is a physical object undergoing a process. ---------- This song is beautiful. Another equative flux. be vire kupëç tva teo'tsapai. QLT:FLX EQUATIVE beauty RESUMPTIVE:DEF:INI IND:RTSPC=song = **Possessed-quality "beauty" (by) this current song. Here the descriptor "vir(e)" says that "beauty" is an immaterial possessed quality, hence "beautiful". -------- I will eat a fruit. Definitively an acquisitive flux. I'm going to acquire something from the fruit: food. And that's what I'm going to say in Shaquelingua. jo kvelaë pjü, xe juvlo to'kja. INDEF:TRS fruit ACQUISITIVE, UNQNT:FLX food IND:FUT=1SG = **Taken-from a fruit, some food (by) future I. Here the descriptor "pjü" means that "some food" is a physical object removed from the Transmitter "a fruit". It can be shorten into: je pjü kvelaë to'kja. INDEF:FLX ACQUISITIVE fruit IND:FUT=1SG = **An absorbed fruit (by) future I. The descriptor now means that "the fruit" is a physical object integrated by the Initiator "I", i.e. removed from an unspecified "outside" reality. ---------- My name is Kaluura. (There's no "m" in Shaquelingua, then no "Remi".) Bad example because you need an idiomatic expression in Shaquelingua: I define myself as Kaluura. fëçi gør, be KaluurA kja. RECIPROCAL:REC DOTATIVE.POSTP, QLT:FLX Kaluura (ATEMPORAL=)1SG = **Myself into, the-quality "Kaluura" (by) (always) I The descriptor "gør" just means that I add the immaterial quality "Kaluura" to the inner list of qualities of the Receiver "myself". ---------- I hope that my explanations will give you many deep thoughts. ;-) kajø taëtli : rjë tul, klixe kuzórhgø tó-çulike kaja te'reëçka. 1SG.PROPR:EMO hope : 2SG:REC DOTATIVE.POSTP, LINEAR:UNQNT:FLX deep IND:RTSPC.FUT=thought 1SG.PROPR:INI IND:PAST=explanation = **My hope: toward thee, a-huge-quantity-of deep future thought (by) my past explanations. -- ================== Remi Villatel ==================


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