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Re: Evolving shades of meaning (was Re: LUNATIC again)

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Monday, November 9, 1998, 3:44
On Sun, 8 Nov 1998 00:18:11 -0500, Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...> wrote:

>Interesting method. I may have to use that. In my first project I did >that on accident. I'd forget that I had created a word for something, >so I'd recreate it, later I'd assign variations to that. Such >differences aren't hard for me. What's harder is lumping words together >in a logical way, i.e., deciding which distinctions made in English to >get rid of, and, even harder still, to completely redraw the semantic >borders. My favorite example from W. is la'u/kapati'. La'u and kapati' >both can be translated as "eat, drink, smoke, etc.". They involve the >in-take of any substance thru the mouth. La'u is used in social >settings (eating and drinking with a community, for example), while >kapati' is used in non-social settings (an exile eating, for example, or >an animal eating). I have other examples of that, where two or three >words will fail to make a distinction made in English, while >incorporating a distinction which English ignores.
That was also one of the design goals of Jarrda, and one that had at = least moderate success. Jarrda doesn't distinguish "square" from "rectangular", for instance, but the usage of "square" to mean "two-dimensional" (as in "square foot" or "square meter") is translated instead with the same word that means "flat, planar". But I've still got a long way to go....