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Re: Languages

From:Padraic Brown <pbrown@...>
Date:Friday, November 3, 2000, 0:18
On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, Elliott Lash wrote:

> > What I meant was just listing them, perhaps description was a bit to >severe a word. Well if you insist:
Yep. Rite of passage style of thing. ;)
> 1995 Flavin: My first language. Really just an a priori lexicon with bits >and pieces french and english grammar. I don't remember anything except that >to form the 1st person present tense of a verb you chopp of the first letter >and do a few other strange transformations. Example caiyar "to be" aiya "I >am" (or something, whatever)
Actually, I find that a rather curious form of conjugation.
> For an example, I will just talk about the word Nerilyánë >"Green-Partings". This is a compound of neril "green" and yane "partings" >(accents are in a bit of a flux at this point). Yane is the spoken plural of >yana "going", a participle from the root -ya(N)-. The more elevated, written >and court language uses Nerilyanáña which is from an ancient form: ... >-yanád-ya with -ya being a plural morpheme. As you can hopefully see, the >spoken language has discarded the more easily recognizable agglutinative >affix and substituted a less easily analysed inflectional morpheme.
Ah: there's that -nd- +vowel thing again!
> Getting back to the list: > > 1999 I started to make the Ninneg group of languages, a sort of Celtic >development of the Silindion roots. The group consists of three languages, > > South Ninneg is very Irish looking and sounding (I'm learning Irish and >Old Irish). The same sentence in South Ninneg is: Moinis cuire eas á nuir.
You might want to look into subscribing to Celticonlang (through as well, if Celtic conlangs are an interest of yours. Less traffic than Conlang, but more concentrated on Celtic conlangs. Padraic.
> Elliott