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Re: New (Well, Revamped) Language: TIEG'EW / GABWE

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Friday, November 10, 2000, 13:46
On Thu, 9 Nov 2000 23:40:57 -0500 Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...> writes:
> ROFL! Have you seen Froud & someone's _A Field Guide to Goblins_? > I > challenge some knowledgable conlanger to figure out a language from > *that.*
- Nope, i haven't seen that.
> > Possible Syllable Structures Are: > > C, V, CV, VC, CVC, CRV, VRC, CVRC, CRVC, CRVRC. > > (R = glide, approximant, flap) > > (C = any consonant, including G/A/Fs) > > Question: when you figure out syllable structure and you're *not* > doing > the cheesy (C)V(C) thing like I tend to do, how do you figure out > something that will avoid messy consonant-cluster jams that are > really > difficult to pronounce? (I find the latter part of German "du > sprichst" > really hard.) Your example is you use a particular > system? > Knowledge of phonetics? I just picked upa book on phonetics, intro, > so I wonder if that'd help....
- This is the first time that i've made anything with syllable constraints like this. Rokbeigalmki has many hard consonant clusters, but i wanted this to be easier to pronounce, considering i had put in the incredibly confusing (to me) pair of phonemes /4/ and /R/, as well as the gemination fricatives. So i just looked at the sounds, and saw that having stops at the ends but not next to eachother would make it smoother.
> Is this stress by making-syllable-louder? Neat idea! :-) I bet it > will > end up sounding unusual and, well, goblinesque.
- It comes out louder, lengthened, and sometimes higher-pitch as well. It ended up sounding really Goblinesque when i realized that when trying to train myself to pronounce {e} as /E/ and not /e/ caused me to adopt creaky voice!
> On a side note, I did a hash job of "phonology" for a play-by-email > fantasy roleplaying campaign my sister and I are running, Shazrad: > City > of Veils ( I am sure that any > conlanger who happens across the site will wince...but at the time I > hadn't picked up any books on phonology/phonetics and we wanted a > "naming > guide" for people so they would know what sorts of names fit into > the > language and culture. > YHL, returning to Evil Abstract Algebra Homework
- I like the names you got there on that website! -Stephen (Steg) "tre'zhry make happy. make sir maggerstate happy, make you happy too!"