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many and varied questions

From:Etak <tarnagona@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 7, 2004, 17:01
   I have a few questions that I'm hoping someone can
   Firstly, I'm inventing a syllabery for my conlang,
and I've run into a couple of problems.  The
romanization of my conlang has capitals, but my
syllabery doesn't.  Does anyone have any suggestions
as to how to form capitals, preferably without using
bigger letterforms because my letters are already kind
of big.
   Another thing I'm wondering about is that my
Romanization has different letters for 't' and 'd',
's' and 'z', and the other plosives and fricatives in
my language, but the native syllabery doesn't because
plosives and fricatives can only be voiceless at the
beginning of words and so are automatically read that
way.  My question, do you think this will make
transliterating stuff into my syllabery overly
difficult and/or confusing?
   Also, what verbal mood is the English word 'might'?
 I've been translating the Babel text, and translated
'lest' as 'because we might' but than realized that I
needed a new verbal mood and didn't know what it was
   And lastly I have a not really conlang related
question which I've been wondering about.  In French,
as I understand it, you generally use the imperfect of
'to be' because whatever was is still being.  But what
do you do if you are talking about someone who has
died, and thus, has stopped being?
   Thank you all for the many and varied answers to my
many and varied questions which I hope to receive. :)

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