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Re: I need help. I need a conlager.

From:Mark P. Line <mark@...>
Date:Friday, May 28, 2004, 18:59
Omid Ghayour said:
> Ineed someones help to complet a conlang based on an ancient Indo-European > Language! I have its blue-prints but its will be better if some one else > help to construct it fully. You know if I build it all by my own, after it > would be a personal (not interesting for others) language. I wanna make an > interesting language! :)
Almost all conlangs are personal in the sense you describe (created by a single person, sometimes over a long period of time), and most of them are interesting for others. That's why there are so many people on this list. If this is your first conlang, the effort can seem overwhelming at times. I think that's perfectly normal. (I'm currently working on four artlangs for one of my wife's fictional conworlds, and I sometimes feel overwhelmed -- so right now I've backed off from all of them and am doing a bit of research on a few of the linguistic puzzles I'm going to have to solve.) If you feel like you're not making much headway on your conlang, then my advice would be to (a) start a new, different conlang and work on that for a while, (b) do something other than conlanging for a while (reading about linguistics or natlangs, perhaps), or (c) make a long-range plan for completing your conlang and try to stick to it. -- Mark