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Re: "Hindilish" & "Hinglish"

From:Carlos Eugenio Thompson (EDC) <edccet@...>
Date:Monday, May 15, 2000, 16:32
On Seccon Water od Tenderness or first Red Cat, John Cowan wrote:

> Roger Mills wrote: > > > > John Cowan wrote: > > > La utilite del chose excusera le noisomeness del stink.< > > > > LOL. Here we have the beginnings of Lingua Frakas legalese. But > shouldn't > > it have been " l'estink" ? > > Or perhaps "de l'êtinque"? But prefixing "e" to "st" words is a dead rule > in > French, although it was obviously alive in the past. Looking through > a list of French medical terms, I find stabilisation, stase, statistique, > stéatorrhée, stéatose, sténose, stérilisation, stérilité, stéroïde, > stimulant, > stomatite, stress, strie, struma, stupeur. All of the Spanish equivalents > would surely have "est-". >
Indeed, in Spanish we have: estabilización, estadística, esterilización, esterilidad, esteroide, estimulante, estría y estupro, but stress (pronounced and sometimes also spelled as "estrés") I don't know the other words but they are surely with est-. -- Carlos Th